School Leadership

School Leadership Teams


Principal Class

Principal: Anne Hume

Assistant Principals: Chris Benke and Julie Brown


Leading Teachers

Junior Learning Community: Mary Hawkins and Emma Scarlett

Senior Learning community: Kylie Bird, Sheila Hobson and Sue Mitchell


Leading Therapists

Occupational Therapists: Erin Hammond

Physiotherapists: Claire Edwards

Speech Pathologists: Janice Buckland


Business and Finance Leader

Noeline Burney


Leading Education Support Officers:

Kris Angelovski, Kate Bush, Annette Monahan and Bruce Thomson


Student Leaders

Lily, Feana, Matthew D, Bailey T, Allan, Doe


House Leaders

Sullivan (Green) - Callum and Jasmine

Laura (Yellow) - Austin and Emily W

Williams (Red) - Thomas and Christian

Reynolds (Blue) - Carlyn and Tyler